2008年9月17日 星期三

Work Shop Presentation

After ten days of work shop,here comes an final presentation. In past few days, every participant of work shop trys to experience Taipie as much as possible and therefore we can expect diversified presentations of each group.
The first group brings us "Wedding drift". One of the group member wearing a wedding dress appear in Taipei city. They take lots of photos and make them into postcards. When they are doing this project, they get many responds from different citizens. They consider that was best part of this project.

Anna has a role exchange project. She asks a betel nuts shop for this project . During Anna being a betel nuts girl, she learn how to prepare betel nuts and to sell them.

Linda project is a tramsmigration. She goes to Xi-men-ding and finds a shop provide different kinds of costume and accessories. And then she switchs into an asian girl.Comparing wuth some asian girls trying to look like foreign girls,this project seems very interesting.

Francis keeps an eye on astray pets on the street. There are thousands of astray cat,dog and many kinds of pets on the street in Taipie. Francis takes pictures and make them into a commic-like photos. Astray pets can talk in that way and impress themselves.

Ales makes several humor projects in Taipei. Projects includes arranging shoes,whistling and giving eight orange. Each of them interacts with the citizens in Taipei.

Students from France go Xi-men-ding and recording a homeless man who looks lile a still life. Another project come out with the typhoon. They record the sound and video during typhoon,and turn the sources into new pieces.

Ten minutes break,professors compares notes with each other.

Catherine and Dacchi share thier viewpoints of Taipei in Taking photos. They make photos into two rows . The upper row is the viewpoints Catherine and the other row is the viewpoints of Dacchi. Catherine interests in Chinese character and Dacchi interests in the style of houses.

Viktor pay his attention to the market. He wanna know the same object will be sold in different prince depending on the nationality or not ?If possible, he hope every participant can buy the same object from the same man and shows how different prices are.
MRT sheep is the project of this group. They consider MRT carry sheep on the way and everyone in this city looks so tired. And it also shows Taipei a safe city, everyone can sleep on MRT.

Ana and Julia try express isolation they feel in this work shop. When the typhoon comes to Taiwan, they call someone in the hotel and play the cat songs. They record what happens at that time.

Josef brings this web project"www.xiaozhu.org". The work amuses everyone.

Catherine show us an amazing installation. First, she glues several yellow rain coats together and puts them under a outlet of airconditioner. Then a human-shape Balloon drifts in the air.

Nuutti composes a every poetic video called"A greeting from Taiwan ".

Tha last part of presentation takes place in the Underground Museum.

At last there is a closing party in the Underground Museum. Everyone enjoys the traditional cuisine and have a great time.

2008年9月16日 星期二

the day before presentation

Though this is the day before presentation,
there was still a lecture about sex workers and the red light district.
The speaker was Wang Fang-Ping who is a social activist organized the International Sex Worker Culture Festival for four times
in Taipei.

In the afternoon , everyone was soon back to their works for the presentation tomorrow.
We are all looking forward to the works!

2008年9月15日 星期一

Good news! Typhoon are leaving!

Although it's still raining, the fierce typhoon is leaving Taiwan. We believe the coming forum and workshop will go well. In the morning, the Taiwan artist "Lulu Hou" bring a great mount of her own art work and show them to every participant. Her work mainly focus on female issue and most of them are photography. Lulu hou also concentrate on the situation of laborers and emigrants. In Taiwan we do have lots of laborers and emigrants from pan-asian, so the speaker gives another perspective of Taiwan society.

Some of the participants get materials in hand and start to prepare for own project. Finearts Department supply different kinds of space and facilities. We hope every participant can make own work easily.
In dinner time, Bjorn provides some viewpoints of the Singapore Biennale 2008. He considers there are to many videos in Singapore Biennale 2008 and most of videos seem too long. He just can't view every work in one time. It's really a shame.

2008年9月14日 星期日

Typhoon still Drifts.....

Dave Chang was giving the speech

Today is the second day the weather is effected by the typhoon. So we better stay inside !
But the speech giver arrived in the hotel very early, we started the conference about 10 in the morning.
The issue is We are also Taiwanese I : Immigrant Worker. We invited Dave Chang, chair of Migrant International Taiwan Chapter to talk about life of immigrant workers.

He wrote some questions :

1 Migration?
2 Cause of migration?
3 Effect of migration for individual, family and society ?
4 Host country effect?
5 Culture, people and belief?
6 The need to arouse, organize, and mobilize ?
7 The need to solidarity works ?
8 Internationalism ?

After lunch, there were also a workshop presentation.
The speaker is Manray Hsu who is the co-curator of Taipei Biennial.
He brought some betel nuts for the participants to try another kind of Taiwan culture.
While talking about Taipei biennial , he also told the connections of some places we've visited before,
let the participants know Taipei better.

Manray Hsu talked about betel nuts.

In the evening,after dinner, every participants got the chance to show their works,
we had a presentation time till 10:30.

2008年9月13日 星期六

Typhoon Drifts!

Because of the typhoon, we couldn't go any where, and the activities were called canceled yesterday.
But after the faculty members' meeting, they found out the solution, move all the activities in the hotel.
So in the evening, fortunately , we still could have Mr. Vasif Kortun here to talk about Taipei Biennial and tell
something beneath the exhibition. It was a interesting speech.

The lecture of Vasif Kortun.

2008年9月12日 星期五

Taipei Biennial

In the morning, we went to Taipei Art Park, which is next to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum for
a workshop presentation of a participating artist of Taipei Biennial called Yang Jun.

Yang Jun is a Chinese artist who emigrated with his family from China to Austria at the age of 4.
His works include videos, performances and installations. This time he's talking about what you think a
contemporary art center is. He brought some new points of view to the audiences.

The second part of today, was Taipei Biennial Forums I .
In the forum, they have invited the curator and the artists of the section A World Where Many World fit
to talk about their works and concept.
Through the speeches, we have know more about different kind of cultures, globalization ,and anti-globalization.

2008年9月11日 星期四

Opening of Taipei Drift

After few days of touring Taipei ,we believe every artist having a general idea of Taipei city. There is an opening of the Creative Forum of Taipei Drift taken place at TAV. This opening not only gave a brief introduction of Taipei drift but also try to regroup artists around the world by their own interest.
Group list:
1)Dacchi DangNuutti KoskinenAgi ChenVictor TakáčAna Schomburg
2)Dror DaumGili AvissarMichal ErezLee,In-SungCarmen LenhartKat Corbet
3)Cathy DickersonJulia Charlotte Richter Josef BaresSusan OlijCatherine Meier
4)Francis BurgerArthur ZerktouniLinda MikolaskovaAnna KatariinaStephanie Seet YingAymeric Laruido
5)Heidi LampeniusAna Esteve ReigLuo,JrShinFabian SaptouwTashinga Matindike
6)Nikolas ChasserWong Lip-ChinAleš ČermákDominik WlodarekHsu,Yin-LingPei-Hsuan, WangChen,Hao-Yiuo

Under lots of discussion ,every artist find their group member and try to make their projects possible. Everyone start to exchange their concepts of the project. Some of them take MRT having a tour in Taipei, and the other found their own way to experience Taipei. Whatever they do, they are ready for drifting.

At night, there is a opening of 2008 Taipei Biennial at TFAM. Although the rain is so heavy,
the Taipei Biennial still attracts lots of audiences. Even the president and the city mayor came to the museum and enjoy this Biennial.